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Schumack Construction
Welcome to Schumack Engineered Construction
Schumack Engineered Construction specializes in commercial and municipal construction. For more than 30 years we have followed a simple principle: look below the surface to provide our clients with a better solution. Due to our extensive bonding capabilities, we can handle any size project. Schumack has created a proven system that assures quality and cost-efficiency.
In the News:
Barrier removed from Quinnipiac River in Meriden in last phase of restoration project
Workers removed an obsolete 30-inch water main running across the upper Quinnipiac River Friday, the final phase in a barrier removal project along the river.
Wallace Dam Fishway Project
Porous Pavement in Plainville
Porous pavement and other materials added to a new parking lot at Trumbull Park in Plainville will help keep the nearby Quinnpiac River clean. The 4,000 square feet of special pavement and two underlayers of crushed rock are expected to help clean 400,000 gallons of storm run-off each year.
Our Partners:
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